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Randomizer screen shotAfter creating Verbatim 2, I started thinking about apps for other types of memory feats.

With most memory techniques and memory feats, it helps to have some sort of random data with which to practice. Having this as a mobile app means you could practice anywhere!

With that in mind, I've begun work on Randomizer, another jQuery Mobile-based app. It's still in its early stages, but it's already usable. Currently, it has 3 functioning sections.

The first section concerns word lists. You can select what type of contents you'd like for the word lists, including nouns, verbs, nouns AND verbs, and more abstract words. The abstract words are picked randomly from lists of last names of US presidents and vice presidents, country names, Kentucky Derby winners, or chemical elements. Using the slider, you can set how many words will be on the list, and the toggle switch will let you determine whether the words on the list are numbered.

Once you click the Generate Word List button, the list appears below a bar that will let you hide and show it by clicking on it. This way, you can quiz yourself on lists in order, or in and out of order quite easily. If you play around with the controls, it doesn't take long to get used to using them.

Although the other sections have different controls, they all share essentially the same style. They all have controls of various sorts to let you control the settings, a Generate button, and a place where the data is shown which includes the ability to hide or show the important data.

The Numbers section is, at this writing, the simplest section. You use the slider to determine how long the generated number will be, and the toggle switch to determine whether commas will be displayed. You click generate, and you get a long number (up to 30 digits) to challenge your memory.

Since one of my favorite feats is the calendar memory feat, I've also included a Date section. The checkboxes let you select which centuries from which to choose (1600-2199). If you don't select at least 1 century, the Generate Random Date button is disabled. A toggle switch lets you determine whether to exclude leap years, since figuring out those can be tricky when you're first learning. At the bottom, a set of radio buttons let you set the date format, so you can read the date in the way with which you're familiar.

In the case of dates, once you click the Generate Random Date button, the date will always be displayed, but the day of the week on which that date falls will be hidden. Once you think you know on what day of the week that day falls, click the bar to reveal the actual day of the week to see if you're right.

As I mentioned earlier, this app is still a work in progress. I have plans to add things such as random cards sequences and more. Right now, other than hiding and showing the generated data, there's no true quiz function. In future upgrades, I might add more interactive quiz features, too. A manual is also in the works.

Similar to the Verbatim 2 app, this app is completely self-contained, and can be run offline in a similar manner.

What do you think of the app so far? What suggestions do you have for improvements? Let me know in the comments!

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