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Think-A-Link logoLast week I introduced the updated version of Verbatim. It's a free web app to help you with memorization that doesn't require any registration.

Are there any other such web apps? Yes, and we'll cover many of them in this post.

While all the web apps below can be used without registration, some of them do offer extra functionality if you do register. In those cases, registration itself is also free.

Pinfruit: If you're familiar with the Peg/Major System, as described in Pinfruit's own user guide and in Grey Matters' Memory Basics post, then you'll find this web app to be a handy tool. It helps you remember numbers by translating them into words using the Peg/Major system.

MemorizeNow: Out of all the web apps on this list, this is probably the closest to Verbatim. You paste in the text you wish to remember, save it, and you're quizzed by either first letters or a fill-in-the-blank quiz. The video below shows you Memorize Now in more detail:

Think-A-Link: This may not be as interactive as many of the other web apps here, but is hard to pass over when talking about memory. This site has many fun and original links for just about every subject you can think of, and even a few that you can't. The best links from this site have even been collected in the book, Think of a Link.:

JogLab: JogLab focuses on help you remember lists with acrostic mnemonics. Acrostic mnemonics are those where you remember a silly phrase or poem to remember another set of information, such as “Richard of York gave battle in vain” for the colors of the rainbow, or “Every good boy does fine” for the remembering the notes for the main lines of the treble clef in music. JobLab helps you develop your own mnemonics with a very simple interface:

Verbatim 2: OK, forgive the shameless plug, but I couldn't resist adding my own program to the list for those who don't already know about it. Verbatim is a web app for memorizing text, similar to MemorizeNow above, but takes a different and more detailed approach:

Don't forget, too, that these and many other fine memory tools are always available by clicking the MEMORY TOOLS button at the top bar of any page on Grey Matters.

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