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Luc Viatour's plasma lamp pictureThis month's snippets are all about online widgets, apps, and even toys that help you understand new concepts more effectively.

• If you enjoyed my recent post on the Prisoner's Dilemma, there are a few places you can try out computer simulations online. Dave Reed's site features this simple Prisoner's Dilemma Simulation. A far more robust version can be found herem including historical results, and a wider variety of strategies to try. You'll definitely want to click the Help button to learn how to use this one.

• I've mentioned BetterExplained.com numerous times on this blog. They have a new project up called “Aha”. It's a place for short posts, like Twitter, but specifically posts that helped make a difficult concept easier to understand. Since it's tricky to understand, here's a video that explains the concept better:

• If you've ever played with Wolfram Alpha, you already know its amazing power (if not, here's a good starter video). Now, they've taken this search engine one step further by allowing you to create widgets from your Wolfram Alpha queries! This allows you to embed a specialized knowledge base on your website, as explained in this video:

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