Grey Matters Store Now Open!

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Grey Matters StoreSince I redesigned the site, I've been working on redesigning the store.

Finally, the new Grey Matters store is now open!

I've designed to bring products of interest to Grey Matters reader from multiple stores together in one place, to make it more convenient. The store is designed in the same style as the rest of the Grey Matters site, with product descriptions in individual posts.

The heart of the store is the catalog slider (shown below). It works much like the slider on the main page of the other Grey Matters sections, but with a few differences. The first noticable difference is that it doesn't slide automatically, so it's completely under your control. The left and right arrow slide the catalog left and right, and the numbered tabs at the bottom let you jump to any individual panel instantly.

The biggest difference, however, is the filtering and sorting buttons below the slider, which allow you to view just the type of products you want in the way you want. For example, if you want to view just items related to math from Amazon.com, simply click the Amazon.com and math buttons, and the slider will rearrange to contain just those items.

By default, you're shown the newest items available, but you can also view items starting from the lowest priced, starting from the highest price, and also sorted alphabetically.

Did you find some combination of goods you'd like to share? It's easy! Simply copy the address shown in the Share this filter field, and send it your friend.

When you click on any product in the slider, the panel will fill with more information about it, including where you can buy it, a short description, and a link to a post where you can learn even more about it. For example, if you clicked on the book Moonwalking With Einstein, you'd see this:

Clicking on the Buy Moonwalking With Einstein here link, of course, would take you to the Amazon.com page where you can purchase it. The Learn More... links take you to an individual post focusing on that item, so you can learn about it in more detail. If an item isn't what you expected, a quick click on the Return to slider button will take you right back to the items you were viewing.

Many of the items have special preview links, such as book previews and videos. These are included to help you understand the idea behind the individual items, as well as giving you a closer look at the item before you decide whether to purchase.

If you've enjoyed reading Grey Matters, purchasing these items through our store page can help keep it going while getting something for yourself, as well. Check back often, as new items will be added regularly.

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