Memory Techniques via Video

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TZA's brain illustrationGranted, my list of sites to learn the basics of memory technique is handy, but the pages are mostly text and illustrations.

I decided it was time to add video instruction for memory techniques!

I've spent the past few days digging through YouTube videos relating to the various memory techniques, and grouping them into playlists. I tried to order them from simpler descriptions to more complete lectures. I've already added these to the memory basics post for regular access.

The results are below, with the titles linking to their respective YouTube playlist pages:

Memory Technique 1: Beginning Systems

Memory Technique 2: Loci/Journey/Roman Room System

Memory Technique 3: Link System

Memory Technique 4: Simple Peg Systems

Memory Technique 5: Phonetic Peg (Major) System

As a bonus, I've also created two playlists for particular memory feats as well:

Memory Feat: Names and Faces

Memory Feat: Calendar

If you have any additions to these playlists, or have other suggestions for playlists, let me know about them in the comments.

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