Grey Matters' 6th Blogiversary!

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Mehran Moghtadaei's Pi imageCan you believe it? Today, Grey Matters is 6 years old! It's expanded, grown, and changed beyond even what I expected when I started it!

It's also Pi Day (3/14) and Albert Einstein's birthday, so let's celebrate in a geeky manner!

The best way to start? Check out all the Pi entries here on the blog, in the Mental Gym, and in the Video section. If you haven't guessed already, it's no coincidence that I started Grey Matters on Pi Day.

Even when going beyond this site, it's amazing where you can find Pi. As proof, take a look at the Mathematical Association of America's collection of Pi photos!

Even on Pi Day, we should consider the fact that Pi may be wrong. Here's Vi Hart to explain the advantages of Tau over Pi:

Futility Closet introduced me to Emma Rounds' “Plane Geometry”, a mathematical parody of Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky in which Pi earns an honored place:

‘Twas Euclid, and the theorem pi
Did plane and solid in the text,
All parallel were the radii,
And the ang-gulls convex’d.

“Beware the Wentworth-Smith, my son,
And the Loci that vacillate;
Beware the Axiom, and shun
The faithless Postulate.”

He took his Waterman in hand;
Long time the proper proof he sought;
Then rested he by the XYZ
And sat awhile in thought.

And as in inverse thought he sat
A brilliant proof, in lines of flame,
All neat and trim, it came to him,
Tangenting as it came.

“AB, CD,” reflected he–
The Waterman went snicker-snack–
He Q.E.D.-ed, and, proud indeed,
He trapezoided back.

“And hast thou proved the 29th?
Come to my arms, my radius boy!
O good for you! O one point two!”
He rhombused in his joy.

‘Twas Euclid, and the theorem pi
Did plane and solid in the text;
All parallel were the radii,
And the ang-gulls convex’d.

To close, let's enjoy a little magic, courtesy of Grey Matters' favorites James Grime and Brian Brushwood. They've reactivated the famous Pi Day Magic Twitter trick for this year, and you can participate via a Twitter account and these instructions:

Keep an eye out, because James Grime has something else planned for this Pi Day, as well.

Happy Pi Day! Here's hoping Grey Matters' 7th year is as surprising to you AND me as the past years have proved.

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3 Response to Grey Matters' 6th Blogiversary!

9:59 AM

Hi There Pi Guy! Congratulations on your sixth anniversary!!
Quite an achievement my friend!!

9:44 PM

Hey there Pi Guy! Happy Blogoversary!

9:51 PM

Contratulations, Pi Guy. Happy Blogoversary.