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Luc Viatour's plasma lamp pictureToday's snippets deal with updates galore!

• If you enjoyed Chocolate Nim, Presh Talwalkar over at the Mind Your Decisions blog, has posted a chocolate-themed math puzzle that's also fun to chew over. Ben Vitale has more on the related game of Chomp, which I mentioned at the end of that article. For more Nim fun, check out the new Nim category I added!

• Thanks to the mention of Grey Matters on last week's Scam School, I received a spike in visitors. For more Gilbreath Principle amazement, check out Martin Gardner's Betting Game, courtesy of PokerWagers.net. The instructions could be clearer at one point, however. If they choose clubs and hearts, you should say, “OK, that leaves spades for you. Do you want me to bet on hearts or clubs?” Otherwise, proceed as instructed.

• Now that the update is in full swing, I can get back to regularly updating other features of the site. I'll now start posting videos as I come across them in both the video blog section and in the Miro feed.

• I also updated the Memory Effects PDF yesterday. In addition, I've also made sure that every document I post on Scribd is freely downloadable.

• I have a new public twitter list called Mnemonics. This site follows different accounts which are largely used to post mnemonics for everything from languages to trivia, and just about anything inbetween. If you know of any other twitter feeds that regularly post mnemonics, please let me know about them!

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