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Ianmacm's number pictureWant to improve your mental math skills? In this post, we've got a host of videos that will show you how to figure problems in your quickly and easily!

Total Breeze – These are some of the most nicely-produced mental math instruction videos of the group. There are 12 videos posted for free. Most cover specific aspects of mental math, but the intro video gives a great mix:

Mental Math Secrets – These videos are part of a video podcast series. Only 6 are available online, but the full collection of 16 are available for free online via iTunes and the MathTutorDVD homepage.

Simply Outrageous Math – Like Total Breeze above, the Simply Outrageous Math are a teaser for a commercial set of videos. However, the ones they've made available for free are quite helpful, and the teaching style is quite effective.

Fast Math – Glad2Teach brings us a small set of mental math videos, but they do include some tricks I've never found in the other series.

How to Do Math In Your Head – This is a rarity. It's a free mental math video series done just for the purpose of instruction over at eHow, as opposed to promotion.

Do you have any favorite mental math videos, whether individual or part of a series? Tell me about them in the comments!

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