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DorkJr's photo of a United States map done with license platesLast October, I added the new Memorize USA Facts section to the Mental Gym, to help you remember things like the US Presidents, state flags, constitutional amendments, and more. Memory trainer Ron White has now taken that idea to the next level with his new America's Memory website.

While my Mental Gym post teaches the basics, such as memorizing states, capitals, and constitutional amendments, America's Memory will focus more on US history, including tips on remembering each aspect. The introductory video will explain more:

To kick things off, he starts off with a lesson in memorizing the Bill of Rights. His approach is very interesting, in that he uses 10 parts of the body to associate each section of the Bill of Rights:

The memory technique using the parts of the body from the top down seems very straightforward. However, there's one very interesting technique hidden in this video. Note the terms used for the various parts of the body in the video:

  1. Top (of the head)
  2. Nose
  3. Mouth
  4. Ribs
  5. Liver
  6. Joint (Hip joint)
  7. Cap (Kneecap)
  8. Fibula
  9. Ball (of the foot)
  10. Sand

Those of you who are familiar with the Major/Peg System will quickly recognize those first consonant sounds in conjunction with their corresponding numbers (except for S, which is 0, not 10, in the phonetic alphabet). Using the body parts is a nice easy way to introduce the concept of pegging one picture to another. Later on, when the phonetic alphabet is being taught to help remember numbers, the already-familiar body imagery can be used to lock in the new information much more easily.

If you're not familiar with Ron White, you can learn more about him via his website, YouTube channel, and Twitter feed. Having been familiar with his past work, this America's Memory site looks like it could be a very interesting project.

Update (Feb. 7, 2011): Ron White just added my US State Flag Mnemonic videos to the America's Memory site. Thank you, Ron!

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