How to Solve Rubik's Clock

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Stephen Morley's Rubik's Clock photoRubik's Clock is a two-sided puzzle featuring 18 clocks, with 9 clocks on each side. The challenge is to set all the clocks so that the hand in each of the clocks points to 12. What makes it challenging is that you can only set the 4 corner clocks directly, with 4 buttons in the face of the puzzle that affect which of the other clocks are affected by the turning of the corner clocks.

Try out the puzzle for yourself with this online version (Click on the help button to learn how to play it). Once you understand the basics of the puzzle, and it has begun to frustrate you, come back here, because we're going to examine how to solve this mind-bending puzzle!

The simplest solution to learn is the one at Jaap's Puzzle Page. It's simple, and a repetitive enough that a few tries will help you quickly solve the puzzle.

To help make this solution more clear, cubedude7 has put together a 3-part video series on how to solve it. First, he shows how to solve all the non-corner clocks on both sides:

Now that you've got the first 10 clocks solved, it's time to deal with those stubborn corners:

That's it! Your Rubik's Clock is now solved. Seems kind of simple, doesn't it? Well, cubedude7 does help you go faster when you encounter some lucky special cases, too.

Jaap's Rubik's Clock Page has a few other links. Among the more interesting ones are a speed-solving solution, and a solution that solves 1 side separately, then the other.

Still too easy? Then it's time to really go the extra mile. Try learning to do it blindfolded:

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