BBC: What Makes a Genius?

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Marcus du Sautoy on the Story of MathsIf you enjoyed Marcus du Sautoy's 2008 documentary Story of Maths, you'll be happy to know that he's been chosen to host a few episodes of the BBC show Horizon.

His most recent appearance to date was on an episode called What Makes a Genius?, that should also be of interest to Grey Matters readers.

In this episode, Marcus continually asks the question, what makes the brain of a genius fundamentally different from the brain of someone who isn't a genius?

He starts off by demonstrating what most people think of as genius, with the help of Grey Matters favorite, Dr. Arthur Benjamin. Dr. Benjamin helps explain the difference between developing a skill, such as those he demonstrates, and the quality of creativity that is the true hallmark of genius.

From there, he goes back to the old arguments of nature vs. nurture, and we begin to learn how recent research is proving that both sides are more dynamic than was originally believed.

Here's the entire What Makes a Genius? episode of Horizon:

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