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LinksIt's time for April snippets!

• I've talked about memorizing poetry and also talked about memorizing the elements. Now you can use the two concepts to reinforce each other, using the Poetic Table of the Elements! Simply click on any element's symbol or number on the chart (or the element name along the left side), and you'll be taken to poem by everyone from classic poets to original poems submitted by readers. This is a great way to make both learning poetry and the elements fun!

Remembering long works like poetry is one thing, and presenting it is quite another. FInancial Times gives us a behind-the-scenes look at Malcom Gladwell's secrets for successful presentation (Gladwell's work inspired the book Made To Stick). You also might enjoy this look at Steve Jobs' presentation secrets.

• Back in 2008, I covered some good memory-related articles from Google Books here and here. I've found a few more since then:

They are Idiot Savants. Wizards of the Calendar: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Man with a Photographic Memory: Part 1

Improve Your Memory: Part 1

Electric Teacher Helps Memorize: Part 1

Tricks to Keep Under Your Hat: Part 1

Reading With Your Fingertips: Part 1

• In Calculators: Past, Present and Future, I took a look at the different device people have used to calculate. There's an even more detailed look at past calculation devices over at RetroCalculators.com. I especially like Mr. Smart The Educated Monkey Calculator!

• We'll wind up with this look at Mental Floss readers' favorite mnemonics. Most of them are in the comments. Mnemonics for biological classification seem to be unusually popular.

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