R.I.P. Kim Peek (1951-2009)

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Kim Peek: The Real Rain ManI came back from my vacation, only to discover some sad news. Kim Peek, the savant who inspired the hit movie Rain Man, has died of a heart attack on December 19, 2009.

Kim Peek's savant condition allows him to remember everything he has ever read. In the following clip, Kim shows off this powerful ability at the first (and unfortunately only) meeting of the Athanasius Kircher Society.

Even more amazing than Kim's ability to remember everything he's ever read, is his approach to reading itself. Whenever he read, his left eyes reads the left page while his right eye reads the right page. There is more to his life, of course, than just his abilities. The documentary below, Kim Peek: The Real Rain Man, gives a more complete picture of his life. It's 46 minutes long, but it's well worth watching to better understand this very special individual.

Rest in peace, Kim. You will be missed.

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I asked this question the other day, but it was not published.
I have followed your directions for creating a .xml file and posted it on the server.
I can access it using a web browser, even on an iPhone.
However, I cannot access it as a file through Verbatim on my iPhone.
I really want to use this application.
Please, if someone has advise, post it.
Sincere thanks,

12:18 PM

Is the 'any day for 2010' lcourse in 365 easy parts?

Regarding XML,

I heard that XML is fussy about white space: space characters - it can cause weird results, apparently.
Some browsers are 'forgiving' I guess and ignore imperfections in XML - so maybe your xml is wrong but the browser 'fixes' it for its purposes. eg. Lacking the top line definition statement.

12:34 PM

As for Kim Peek [my earlier comment seems to have appeared beneath the post about him], needless to say that his powerful mind and all round nature had a great positive impact on a lot of people's lives; and I also have a lot of respect for his father - based on footage which I have seen on documentaries.