Tamariz Memorized Stack (Mnemonica) Trainer

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Playing CardsGreetings, memorized deck fans! Today, we have a new treat for you.

Over at Furniture´s Card Magic Corner, Furniture has posted a new memorized deck tool called the Tamariz Memorized Stack (Mnemonica) Trainer.

It's a spreadsheet file with 3 tabs, and can be viewed online in Google Docs. The 1st tab simply holds the deck order, the 2nd tab challenges you to recall a card by its position and vice-versa. The 3rd tab is a bonus, and will help quiz you on how to cut to a particular card, in order to deliver it to a given position.

Besides using it online, you can also download it from Google Docs, and use it offline in programs like Excel or Numbers.

For those of you who use the Aronson stack, MemDeck329 has already prepared a new version for you, which is available as a zip file here. If you use a different stack, the spreadsheet is easily altered to fit your stack in the 1st tab.

If you find this useful, you'll probably also enjoy these other free online memorized deck tools.

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