Scott Kim and the Art of Puzzles

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Scott Kim's TED TalkScott Kim is an eclectic mix of mathematician, puzzler, artist and too many other labels to fit within a blog post. In this post, we're going to let Scott Kim take us through his view of the art of puzzles.

Most people know Scott Kim from his Inversions (generically known as ambigrams). He's also the organizer of the Gathering For Gardner.

Scott Kim has also found a place in more recent works related to Martin Gardner, since Gardner was one of Kim's inspirations. In Puzzlers' tribute: a feast for the mind, Scott Kim provided the opening “Playful Tribute”, and an article on his work called, “Inversions: Lettering with a Mathematical Twist”. Martin Gardner effectively re-payed the tribute by writing about Kim in The colossal book of mathematics: classic puzzles, paradoxes, and problems in chapter 16, “The Amazing Creations of Scott Kim”.

Over at TED, they just posted video of a 2008 talk given by Scott Kim about his designs and puzzles, which is well worth watching:


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