Are You Smarter Than A 1954 8th Grader?

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We The PeopleI recently came across a site that featured a copy of an 8th grade US Constitution test, to which I'll link later in this post. I thought it would be interesting to link to some online quizzes concerning the modern-day equivalents, to see how you would do today.

Here are your challenges:
Can you name all 15 US Presidential Cabinet positions?
Can you name the people who currently hold the US Presidential Cabinet positions?
Identify all 27 US Constitutional Amendments.
Legislative branch of the US Federal Government questions
Executive and Judicial branches of the US Federal Government questions
Complete the Preamble of the US Constitution.

How did you do? You should have at least breezed through the Preamble and Constitutional Amendment sections if you practiced the mnemonics from my US Constitutional Amendment Mnemonics posts (Part I, Part II, Part III).

Here's the post that inspired this post, with the quiz from 1954. The student who took this quiz got a score of 98.5%. How did you do on your test?

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