More Than 2,000 Timed Quizzes!

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Stop WatchLast week, the number of quizzes in my How Many Xs Can You Name In Y Minutes? post quietly reached past the 2,000 mark!

On April 6, 2008, when I first introduced the Timed Quizzes RSS feed, I had only found about 90 quizzes from all over the web. Almost exactly 8 months later, the list had finally reached 1,000 quizzes!

The popularity of these quizzes must be increasing, because it only took 6 months for that number to double!

Fans of the TV show The Office might enjoy the fact that when the Sporcle quiz on Dunder Mifflin Paper Company Branches was added to the list on Wednesday, June 10th, 2009, it became the 2000th quiz on the list.

As I write this, Sporcle is currently responsible for more than 76% of the quizzes on the list! It doesn't look like it will Sporcle will be slowing down anytime, so it looks like we may be seeing Sporcle's 2,000th quiz about the time we total roughly 2,600 quizzes.

Celebrate as we begin building towards 3,000 quizzes by playing your favorite subjects in How Many Xs Can You Name In Y Minutes?!

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