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LinksIn this edition of snippets, we're going to fold, spindle and mutilate your brains in as many fun ways as possible!

• This first puzzle is usually done as a magic effect, or some sort of Rain Man-type feat. It's called the Three Dice Sum. The page does give the specific solution, but can you work out a generalized solution that would work if more dice were used?

• I ran across Sandy Wood's puzzle, 2010 is Coming!, yesterday over at Mental Floss, I was a little amused. Anyone who does the Day of the Week For Any Date feat can simply ignore the clue altogether and give the answer! Actually, the process of working out the answer from the clues given is still an interesting one, so you may still want to work that out even if you can do the Date feat!

* It wasn't that long ago I linked to the Schoolhouse Rock videos (among others) as a good source of learning. I hope you've been watching them! Because before we leave Mental Floss, they have the Schoolhouse Rock Anti-Trivia Quiz ready for you. Afterwards, you can relax with some more educational programming from Mental Floss, although (as I note in the comments), they somehow missed Tom Lehrer completely. That's OK, however, since the Tom Lehrer Wisdom Channel can remedy that immediately.

• Ok, that's enough puzzles for now. For some strange fun, let's turn to Sternest Meanings. This is a web-bot that will reply to anything you type in, and the response you get will always be an anagram of what you just typed! It's simple, strange and fun.

• Even with all the mentions I've made of poetry on Grey Matters, I'm discovering newer poetry sites all the time. Among the most notable ones I've found are Kenn Nesbitt's hilarious Poetry 4 Kids site, the well-thought-out Black Cat Poems and the rather unusual Poetry Visualized site, where users submit videos of classic or original poetry. If any discoveries you make inspire you to memorize a poem, the hubpages article How To Memorize A Poem has a great technique for doing so. I even used this approach to quickly memorize Washington Crossing The Delaware before work one day!

• Before I wind up this entry, let's start your brain juices flowing again with some brain training sites. The first site is BrainTrain, which offer plenty of challenges from Lipton Iced Tea's Australian site. Apparently, it's part of their Australian ad campaign which also includes puzzles in their magazine ads. The Matica Brain Training Gym offers 4 games, which can be played without registering, unless you wish to keep track of your progress. I like the games here because they're number-based, which is my strong point, and you get your rating as a percentile. Queendom's Mind Stretchers is another good source of a wide variety of puzzles, as well.

• Now that you've fried your own brain, I'll wind up this entry with a way you can fry other people's brains. You can do this with an iPhone magic effect called iSensor (iTunes link. Here's a web link for iSensor), which sells for US$1.99. This was developed by Lior Manor, who also developed the 21st century Knight's Tour. Below is a video of the performance of this rather ingenious bit of iPhone magic (Warning: Some foul language included):

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