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LinksYes, it's time for the March edition of Quick Snippets!

• Do you need to memorize a speech? Whether you have a month, a day or only a minute, Speech-Time's How to Memorize Speeches can show you how to do so effectively. I like the discussion of the principles involved, which makes this article much more useful.

• Closely related to memorizing speeches is Memorizing Shakespeare. This is a brief blog, largely to promote the author's products that help memorize their lines in various Shakespeare plays. However, the tips offered are good techniques for memorizing lines for any production, and are worth reading.

• Last November, I posted an article about learning Japanese. To aid you in a similar challenge, Skritter has been created to help you to read Chinese. Even better, it's also set up to help you learn how to write in Chinese, as well! Instead of flashcards, you learn through writing them in the interface. It's still in Beta, so it's free for now. I wouldn't mind seeing a site like this for Japanese.

• Earlier this year, I taught the Dommsday method as a way of memorizing the 2009 calendar. Back in 2005, Ricky Spears posted another simple method for memorizing the calendar. The article itself covers the 2006 calendar, but it can be easily adapted for 2009. Looking at the 2009 calendar provided by CalendarLabs.com (which has proven a good source for free calendar-related items), you can quickly see the numbers you need to remember for 2009 are: 41, 15, 37, 52, 64, 16. As mentioned in the original blog post, good images for these numbers can be found by looking through Wikipedia's integer category.

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