Sporcle's 1,000th Quiz!

Published on Sunday, February 15, 2009 in , ,

Congratulations to Sporcle for their 1,000th timed quiz!It was only 2 months ago that my list of timed quizzes, How Many Xs Can You Name In Y Minutes?, which covers various sites from all around the web, reached a total of 1,000 quizzes.

As of earlier today, you can now find 1,000 quizzes on Sporcle alone! Their 1,000th quiz is naturally on the topic of all thing related to thousands. In 7 minutes, you must correctly identify 35 different phrases containing the words grand, thousand or kilo.

Ordinarily, I only update my list and feed of timed quizzes at midnight, Pacific Time. Being a special occasion, however, I've already added them to the list and the feed.

Congratulations to Sporcle on reaching their 1,000th quiz!

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