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Chris Wasshuber's Knight's TourChris Wasshuber's ebook on the classic Knight's Tour is back up at Lybrary.com! Apparently, this was originally available for $10,000, but the booklet, titled Knight's Tour: With Free Choice of Start and End, has come down quite a ways in price, to only $25. (If you're curious as to the reason for the original price and the price change, Chris himself explains it here.)

Regular Grey Matters readers might be thinking, “Wait a minute, doesn't Grey Matters already have an area that teaches how to do the Knight's Tour with the spectator selecting the starting and ending squares for free?” Well, of course it does!

Does that mean that you should avoid this new booklet? Absolutely not! Both methods do have some basics in common, and those basics go back to Peter Mark Roget and others (yes, the same Roget with the famous Thesaurus). However, what's different is not only the approach to teaching these ideas, but the capabilities this ebook brings to the table.

With the method taught here on Grey Matters, it's assumed that you're looking at the board as you progress. When looking at the board, you can easily see where you should go next, and what tricky situations can arise. Chris' method takes the board apart in a different way, and actually enables you to perform the entire feat legitimately blindfolded!

Usually, when you hear blindfolds and Knight's Tour mentioned in the same idea, the classic method of memorizing a closed path that allows you to start at any point, comes to mind. The added difficulty of having both a starting and ending point freely selected while blindfolded really does build up the difficulty in the eyes of the audience!

If you really wish to pursue a blindfolded Knight's Tour with chosen starting and ending points, I do suggest starting here on Grey Matters. First, get comfortable with some of the memory basics, especially the Link System and the Major/Peg System. Next, learn the Knight's Tour as I teach it here, so that you can ease into the feat, and get comfortable with various levels.

Once you're comfortable with playing Level 3 of the Knight's Tour, then you should proceed to the method taught in Chris Wasshuber's book. By this time, you'll be more easily acquainted with the concepts he talks about, and the memorization required will seem less taxing, as well. As he proceeds, you also may find some questions cleared up that you may have had about my method.

Instead of competing with each other, these two approaches to the Knight's Tour complement each other quite well. If you've learned the Knight's Tour from my site, and want to take what you've learned to another level, I highly recommend Chris Wasshuber's Knight's Tour: With Free Choice of Start and End.

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