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LinksIt's a new year, so I'm using this snippets entry to bring you up to date on various “Grey Matters”.

Mental Case has been updated to version 1.4.3 and now syncs with your iPhone! Among other new features, it now also supports FlashCard Exchange, as well.

• Speaking of the iPhone and memorizing, iCue Memory is a new piece of software that helps you improve your speed at memorization specifically in three tasks (links go to video explanations of each): Memorizing playing cards, memorizing numbers and memorizing binary numbers (long strings of 1s and 0s). It can be used for fun, as well as being helpful for anyone training to for a national or world memory championship. It's a sort of high-tech mobile version of the World Memory Challenge. At this writing, the full version is available for only $2.99 at the iTunes App Store, and there's also a free Lite version.

• Another free online flashcard site has been developed, and it's called Cramberry. It's relatively new, but there are already plenty of features, and more features are already in the works. It's free to use, so check it out and see what you think!

• The people who developed Agilix Backpack, software developed to download and study entire college and university courses offline, have posted a complete free memory course online. While it's only a one-page brief course, it is surprisingly thorough! There are even some unusual systems here, such as the Calendar Peg System, which gives you distinct images for remembering things by month.

• I've updated some old Grey Matters favorites myself. First, for Miro users, I've updated the Grey Matters Videos Miro Channel. A link to this channel will always be available over in the site feed widget in the rightmost column, as well. The new entries in include the full animated Disney cartoon Donald in Mathemagic Land, and Bob Miller's demonstration of a 25-card memory feat he teaches in his book, BAM! The Complete Course to the Borrowed and Memorized Deck.

• Also, my well-known Memory Effects document has also been updated for the new year, as well. There new entries are largely from the resources made accessible through Google's Magazine Archives, but other new resources have been added, as well.

That's all for now! As always, enjoy exploring these resources, and share any additional links in the comments of this post.

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