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Made To Stick by Chip and Dan HeathNot too long ago, I posted a series about applying the principles from the book Made To Stick in magic. If you missed it here are all the original posts:

Memorable Magic: Simplicity
Memorable Magic: The Unexpected
Memorable Magic: Concreteness
Memorable Magic: Credibility
Memorable Magic: Emotions
Memorable Magic: Stories
Memorable Magic: Wrap-Up

The authors, Chip and Dan Heath, have made several free goodies available that will help make just about anything more memorable, including 3 PDFs and 2 podcasts!

The PDFs include tips on making PowerPoint/KeyNote presentations memorable, making teaching lessons memorable, and a simple reminder of the principles mentioned above (simplicity, unexpectedness, concreteness, credibility, emotions and stories).

One of the podcasts concerns “branding yourself” in any field where you need to break out from the crowd and grab attention, and the other concerns urban legends, and the principles they use that can help you create your own ideas that spread on their own merits.

To obtain them, you do need to provide them with information such as your name, postal code and e-mail address, but the information is only used to send you a free newsletter, and is not provided to any other parties. The newsletter itself is only published 6-8 times a year, so it's not very intrusive.

In addition to the principles in the linked posts above, these free goodies are surprisingly valuable not only for improving your performances, but also marketing those same performances. Considering that you're getting these files in addition to a free newsletter that's also about making anything memorable, it's quite a good deal all around!

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