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Martin GardnerToday's entry is going to be short, but a treat nonetheless. Because I talk about mathematic, memory and fun, it's only natural that Martin Gardner should be the only person who has his own category at Grey Matters.

If you don't already understand why I enjoy Martin Gardner so much, I've found the perfect way to explain it. In David Suzuki's documentary series, The Nature of Things, he filmed 1 episode all about Martin Gardner, which has been made available online, courtesy of the people at Encyclopædia Britannica. This episode is called Mystery and Magic of Mathematics: Martin Gardner and Friends (MPEG4 video, click here for Windows Media version).

This is a video not only about Martin Gardner, but about the curiosity, the wonder, the fun and the beauty of mathematics in science. As is often the case with any work where Mr. Gardner is involved, there are many things on the video you can try for yourself. Set aside 46 minutes and watch the entire documentary, and I guarantee you won't be sorry.

You can also purchase many of Martin Gardner's books through Grey Matters. They can be found in the Math and Mathemagic sections of the Grey Matters Store.

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2 Response to Martin Gardner Documentary

5:49 PM

Thanks for this video. It was great! I've been a fan of your site for a few months. Keep up the good work!

2:34 PM

I've gotta watch this! Tomorrow I'm going to hang out w/ Martin Gardner, and I've never been so nervous to meet someone.