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New feeds!Freehostia.com, the company that hosts the Grey Matters Mental Gym, has announced that they will cease support of outgoing connections on Dec. 16, 2008.

This means that this site's RSS feeds and widgets that read information from Freehostia will no longer function properly starting Dec. 16, 2008.

The good news is that I've compensated for this via a few changes in the site.

First, there are changes that, if you're using them, will happen without you even noticing. If you're using the blog feed banner or the Timed Quizzes feed banner, these have already been updated, and will continue to work just fine.

The first change you may need to make is the locations of the feeds themselves. Update your bookmarks and feed readers to the following new locations:
Blog Summary Feed: http://members.cox.net/econalc/files/greymatterssum.xml
Video Feed: http://members.cox.net/econalc/files/gmvideos.xml
Original Products Feed: http://members.cox.net/econalc/files/greymattersstore.xml
Timed Quizzes Feed: http://members.cox.net/econalc/files/timedquizzes.xml

If you follow any part of this blog via the Google Gadgets, you can go to your Google homepage, delete the old gadgets, and replace them with the new version just by clicking on the links below:
Google Gadget: Blog Summary
Google Gadget: Videos
Google Gadget: Original Products
Google Gadget: Recommended Products
Google Gadget: Timed Quizzes

Finally, there are two OS X Dashboard widgets that display feeds from this site, and they will need to be downloaded and installed, as well. Just click to download and install them:
OS X Dashboard widget: Blog Summary
OS X Dashboard widget: Timed Quizzes

The links over in the rightmost column have also been updated to reflect these changes, so that they will always be available and accessible.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

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