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Published on Sunday, October 26, 2008 in , , ,

15 puzzleToday is just a short entry, as I've been spending my time working an upcoming puzzle for Scott's Puzzles.

If you'd like to be ready when it's posted early Wednesday morning:

1) Practice solving the 15 puzzle with these tips. If you don't have a 15 puzzle at home, play this one at the Mental Gym.

2) Once you're comfortable with the basic 15 puzzle, try 15 puzzles of varying sizes at Scott's Puzzles.

3) Learn to deal with the ingenious version known as Rate Your Mind, Pal. Click the link, then click on the Rate Your Mind, Pal link, and then press the S key to shuffle the puzzle. Knowing this version's history may also help.

That's all the clues you get for now!

Update (Oct. 29, 2008): The puzzle itself has now been posted!

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