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LinksYes, I know I'm using the “link” graphic I usually use for my snippet posts, but this isn't a snippet post. At least, it's not a snippet post of mine.

Regular readers will remember my past mentions of BetterExplained here, here, and most recently, here. Their newest post has a very pleasant surprise!

I've always like their posts, and have often wished they could explain topics beyond just business, programming, and math. Thanks to their newest feature, links.betterexplained.com, they've gone and done just that! Thanks to slinkset, they now have an area where you can share your own favorite articles that helped you understand ANYTHING better, and learn from articles submitted by others.

As I was searching through the topics already up there, a familiar feeling hit me that I couldn't place. Finally, it hit me what the feeling was. It seemed to me that this was a more mature and detailed version of the lessons I learned from Tennessee Tuxedo's Phineas J. Whoopee as a kid. It also reminded of when I was learning about history from James Burke for the first time.

I guess you could say I've been an 'Aha' addict for quite some time now. Even after I'd gotten hooked on discoveries like these, I was thrilled to discover that Martin Gardner enjoyed 'Aha' moments, as evidenced by his books Aha! Insight and Aha! Gotcha.

I like this idea, as it not only widens the topics about which you can understand better, but you can learn about them from a wider range of people. I'm already combing through my bookmarks to see if I have any sites I can contribute, and I hope to see your ideas there, too!

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