Please Help Grey Matters to Continue

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Due largely to the recent economic situation, I'm having trouble making ends meet. So, I'll be using today's post to ask for your help in continuing Grey Matters.

True, posting on blogspot, hosting images on photobucket, and using freehostia for the Mental Gym doesn't cost a cent, and that does help keep costs down. However, my internet access itself, and the storage space that goes along with it does cost money.

Were I to lose that access, this site could no longer be updated. I could no longer develop new sections to the Mental Gym, or add new timed quizzes to the popular How Many Xs Can You Name In Y Minutes? post. Indeed all the feeds including the timed quizzes feed would no longer be available, and the various widgets associated with them would no longer work. For that matter, none of my downloads, RSS feeds, the iPhone Metal Gym, and the the Presentation section. The blog and the Mental Gym would remain online, but updates to them would cease.

I apologize for having to use my regular post for money. However, if you've found Grey Matters enjoyable, and/or even valuable to you, I'd like to ask you to show you appreciation in any one of the following ways:

• Purchase 1 or more items from my selection of original products and/or downloadable products. Popular items have included the full memory course Train Your Brain and Entertain (also available as a download), and the 2009 Day for any Date feat calendar.

• Bid on the eBay auction where I'm selling David Britland's limited-edition classic magic book, The Mind and Magic of David Berglas.

• If you like books, but find that the eBay auction is asking little too much for you tastes, you can both help this site out and find some great deals by buying an item from my Zlio store. If you enjoy this site, you'll find many books and other items here, and many even offer a comparison of prices at various stores, so you can get the best deal.

• If you've find this site even useful, simply click the donate button below, and donate a dollar or two. Any amount will be welcome and appreciated.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give to continuing Grey Matters.

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