Mental Gym Moved and Site Features Updated

Published on Wednesday, July 23, 2008 in

BrainsThe Mental Gym is back up! I have relocated it to http://mentalgym.freehostia.com/. The 3-Letter Body Part Quiz proved so popular, it exceeded my ISP's bandwidth limits!

Since they deleted my access to the server which contained not just the Mental Gym, but RSS files, downloads, and other things important to this blog, I've had to make a few additional changes, as well:

• The Blog Summary feed, the Grey Matters Videos feed, the Original Products Store feed, and the Timed Quizzes Feed all have new locations, which you can now access from these links and the site feed listings at the top of the rightmost column on this blog.

• The widgets I've developed have all been updated, as well. You can find the updated versions of the widgets (where required) over in the rightmost column under Downloads. Over on Apple's widget site, you can already find the updated versions of the Grey Matters Feed widget, the How Many Xs Can You Name in Y Minutes widget, and the Date Quiz widget.

• All the Google Homepage Feed Gadgets have been updated to reflect the new feed locations, as well. If you've been using any of the Google Hompage Feed Gadgets, please update to the new versions: Grey Matters, Grey Matters Videos, Original Products, or Timed Quizzes. The Recommended Products feed gadget is still the same.

• I was unable to update the How Many Xs Can You Name in Y Minutes blog widget with the new feed, so it's down for now. If I can get it fixed, I'll post the new blog widget.

There are also other minor changes I'm making. Over the next week or so, you may see small things like broken links and missing graphics, but rest assured that I'll be working on fixing these details! Thank you for your understanding, and I apologize for the inconvenience.

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