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Memory EffectsIf you take a quick look in the downloads section of the rightmost column, you'll note that my list of memory-related effects (PDF, will open in new window) has been updated once again!

This update of Memory Effects is available online at Scribd.com, as well.

To whet your appetite, I'd like to share a few free online goodies that are part of this update. The first one is from the simulated memorized deck presentation, and is available for free (for a limited time!) from Lulu.com:

“Memorised Deck, The” - The performer hands the deck to a spectator for shuffling. The performer then takes the deck back, and remembers the order of the cards. The performer then asks the spectator to name any number from 1-52. The performer names the position of that card from memory, and counts down to that position, showing the re membered card at the named position, “The Memorised Deck”, Maxime Nadeau

The second one is a post from the Magic Cafe. Some magicians who use the memorize deck have wondered about the idea of memorizing a second deck. In a recent Cafe post, Simon Aronson suggests an easy method for using a second deck in memorized deck routines. He also discusses what qualities a routine should have that would make a second deck worth the extra effort in:

“Complementary Memorized Stacks” - A simple method for memorizing a second stack, http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=257185&forum=205&15#11, Simon Aronson

These aren't the only updates, of course. There are numerous others, including an article from MAGIC Magazine that teaches a method of peeking a card from inside a cased deck. This particular move is very useful in a wide variety of memorized deck magic. I don't want to ruin your joy of discovery, so I won't reveal any more details.

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