Free tricks from Leo Boudreau

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The Magic CafeI'm sorry, but this post isn't for everyone. First, this post concerns some very advanced work in magic and mentalism that may not be everyone's cup of tea. Second, even if it is appropriate to your interest and skill level, you might not be able to access the information anyway.

Many of you are familiar with Leo Boudreau's books. If you aren't, but you enjoy magic and mentalism that appears clean, impossible, and is the next best thing to real mind-reading, you should become familiar with his work.

While Leo Boudreau isn't, as far as I know, working on any new books, he is a regular member of The Magic Cafe, and has shared some wonderful unpublished work there. However, to access most of these posts, you'll need to be a member of the Magic Cafe, and have 50 legitimate posts (as determined by the Magic Cafe's staff's standards).

If you like Mr. Boudreau's work, and qualify to enter the special section of The Magic Cafe, check out the list of his unpublished routines below the fold.

I haven't included any descriptions for any of the routines, as they're forum posts and usually describe themselves better than I ever could. Besides, I don't want to rob you of the joy of discovery.

Some binary basics

A number divination
A two-sided stack for a one-way pack
Binary Cuts (added: 3/16/10)
Body Language and Playing Cards
Bookless Book Test
Color Control
Encounters with Faro Mentalism
Envelope, please!
Intuition (added: 5/21/09related blog post here)
The Magick Circle
Lie To Me (added: 5/17/09 related blog post here)
One-Way Back Suit Code
Paper Cuts (added: 3/28/10)
Poems I
Poems II (added: 5/17/09related blog post here)
Poker Prediction (added: 6/1/09)
A riffle shuffle away from ESP
Taking advantage of highly likely coincidences
Total Audience Participation (added: 5/21/09related blog post here)
Word Quadrants

The Poems link doesn't include explicit instructions for performing it, but anyone who is familiar with Leo Boudreau's work should be able to work out the method with little difficulty.

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