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iPhone gamesWith the long awaited 3G iPhone rumored to be released on June 9th, this is probably a good time to update the iPhone/iPod Touch Mental Gym.

Thanks to the creativity of the team at 38i, I've added three new challenging puzzles for you to master.

The first is called Flip-It, where you have to put the numbered tiles in order from 0-9, but you're always flipping 6 pieces at a time. You can find information, and even solving procedures, at Jaap's Flip-Side page. Flip-Side is the name for the marketed version of this puzzle.

The second new addition is Rubik's Rings. In this one, you have two intertwining circular tracks which are filled with marbles of three different colors: red, blue, and yellow. The object is to get all the red marbles on one outer track, all the blue marbles in the other outer track, and all the yellow marbles in the inner tracks. Since there are no gaps, every marble you move results in the entire ring moving, which is what makes this puzzle so tough. Yes, this was also an actual marketed product. After getting frustrated with this puzzle, you can learn how to solve it at Jaap's Rubik's Rings / Hungarian Rings page. Hungarian Rings adds another color, so when reading, make sure you're following the solution for Rubik's Rings, not the Hungarian ones.

The last of the new puzzles is UriBlock. At first, this looks like the classic 15 puzzle that should be easier to solve, due to the pieces being only 4 different colors, instead of 15. Beware though, because there are 16 pieces, not 15, and there are no gaps. Even the simplest move will change the location of 3 different pieces in various rows and columns. The greater difficulty, compared to that of the 15 puzzle, quickly becomes apparent. Yes, Jaap comes to the rescue again with his UriBlock page.

Go ahead and try out both the new and old games in the iPhone/iPod Touch Mental Gym, and try to master them. You don't even have to own an iPhone or an iPod Touch to play them! I've made sure that all of these games area accessible and function on a regular computer. Enjoy!

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