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Click here to go to Grey MattersWOW! Timed quizzes have proven to me popular than even I expected!

After my last post, I tried creating three simple quizzes, each with a 2-minute time limit, whose topics are three-letter body parts, Big Mac ingredients, and Disney's Seven Dwarves. After promoting the three-letter body part quiz on StumbleUpon, the interest was amazing! I'm used around 400 visitors per day, so this was definitely a nice surprise:

Almost all of those visits were to the three-letter body part quiz, too! Thank you StumbleUpon and fellow Stumblers. One person, known only as Felix118, even dugg the post!

Word about the How Many Xs Can You Name in Y Minutes? Dashboard widget is also starting to spread. You can download it from not only this site, but from Softpedia (who gave it their 100% clean award), Maccommand, Widgetworld, and numerous other places. You can even download it via Apple's own site. At this writing, it even currently ranks as the 42nd most-downloaded widget of their top 50!

Remember, even if you don't have a Mac, you can still get the latest timed quizzes by adding the How Many Xs Can You Name in Y Minutes? RSS feed to your newsreader.

There are lots of different topics for these quizzes, of course, and my favorites are the more whimsical ones. Topics such as the Lucky Charms marshmallows and collective names for animals are great, but when it comes to the topic of whimsical timed quizzes, I find this one to be highly relevant (If you don't get this reference, click here for a full explanation).

It looks like my time to talk about timed quizzes is running out. Before I leave, I want to thank all of you who have visited and discovered my site once again.

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