Two Great Math Blogs

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usb calculatorI've recently found two math blogs which share my conviction that math, with the right perspective, can be fun and filled with beauty and surprise.

The first one I discovered was Wild About Math. The entry that initially caught my eye was the clear explanation of how Arthur Benjamin squares 5-digit numbers in his head. If you haven't seen Dr. Benjamin do this, you can see it as the finale of his TED performance. You probably won't be surprised to know that I'm currently enjoying working my way through this blog's Fast Arithmetic category. The whole blog, though, is worth taking the time to peruse just to see what mathematical gems are waiting to be discovered.

It was due to the Wild About Math blog that I learned about the second site, Math Mojo, and its blog, the Math Mojo Chronicles. The note at the bottom of many of the pages sums this site up quite well, "Math Mojo is part of Magic and Learning - a company that uses methods of magicians to teach thinking skills." The blogger, known as Professor Homunculus, also brings the occasional political issue into the blog, but it never really becomes a political blog. The math and education topics are the steady topics.

If you've enjoyed math sites like Better Explained and others I've mentioned, I think you'll find that you will enjoy Math Mojo and Wild About Math.

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