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LinksOK, class. It's time to sit down in your seats, and look forward to today's links:

* Our first subject is 20th century history. Your assignment is to study Billy Joel's We Didn't Start The Fire. Have you studied? Good, then it's time for your history quiz! If you didn't do as well as you hoped, I suggest reviewing notes on the video. Alternatively, you could just move on to the history of 2007, courtesy of JibJab.

* The next subject is physics. We'll start simply with xavierenigma's game Next Physics, which is a little like a sandbox for physics. Just sketch any shape anywhere, especially trying to create levers and the like, and see the effects of physics on your sketches! Ready for more advances physics? Good, because you'll need to compensate for gravitational pull in Gravity Pods. Aim, shoot, and try and work your way around obstacles with the effects of gravity!

* It's time to move on to foreign language class. First, review the basics of learning a new language, which I discussed last April. If you learn best on your own, try learning a new language via podcasts. If you instead learn better with the help of others, you might prefer one of the social networking language sites, such as babbel, livemocha, mango or myngle! You can review on many of the sites, but there's also the flashcard programs I mentioned here, here and here.

* Let's wrap this up with some lessons in logic. Those of you who enjoyed my recent article on Mastermind will be interested in a different approach to the game, taught interactively by Alex Bogomolny and Don Greenwell. Connoisseurs of classic puzzles will enjoy Mental Floss' article on Rubik's Cube variations, and Mathematrix's articles on that and other classics. In Building Houses, you have to construct a structure given 3 flat views and a limited number of blocks. For Mac OS X users, there's also a free offline version called POV.

I see by the clock on the wall that class is coming to an end. Those of you who still want to stay in and explore can check out some of the toys around the room, such as the coin jar calculator and the marble adding machine:

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