Free Math and Memory Games

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BrainIt's time again to have some fun with your grey matter!

I'll start out with Proximity (Flash required). This is similar to Reversi/Othello, but with a mathematical twist. Each piece placed on the board can be either red or blue, and will have a number on it. If the number is the largest among the adjacent pieces, it will change all the adjacent pieces to its color. If any adjacent piece has a larger number, it will change to the color of that piece. The challenge is to wind up with more pieces of your color than your opponent's.

If you enjoyed my post on the states, you might want to challenge yourself with Statetris (Flash required). Statetris, as the name suggests, is similar to the now-classic Tetris, but you're using US states instead of tetrominoes. You can play on 3 levels: Easy, in which the states are labeled and correctly oriented, Medium, in which the states are labeled but not necessarily oriented correctly, and Hard, in which the states aren't labeled and aren't always oriented correctly.

The most addicting and challenging game of the group is Gravity Pods (Flash required). Using your arrow keys and space bar, you have to aim to shoot the purple orb, with only a limited arsenal. Initially, this is very simple and straightforward. Starting at level 4, however, you have to start taking the physics of the Gravity Pods into account, which pull your missile off course. As you progress, you have to learn how to shoot around walls, use movable and multiple Gravity Pods and much, much more! Try working your way through all 50 levels.

Finally, we have a memory game for iPhone and Safari users. This version of the classic Simon game is called Lumina. The graphics are gorgeous, and also amusing. When you fail to remember the sequence of light correctly, the button shatters very realistically. I can imagine an iPhone user being quite easily shocked the first time they experience this.

That's all for now, so go and have fun!

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