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LinksHere are some quick snippets for you:

* Neuroscientists from UCSF and Standford have created a site called Lumosity that is designed to improve your attention, processing speed and memory. This is done over the course of thirty 15-minute sessions which require registration, which is free while the site is still in beta. You can also evaluate your IQ for free without registering.

* Computer clusters from three different institutions have found the prime factors of a 307-digit number after 11 months of computing. while this may not sound like much more than computers solving a boring math problem, it becomes interesting when you realize that this technique can be used to break advanced encryption techniques used by businesses and governments. Granted, 11 months of computing is a long time, but as processors get faster, this will fall.

* Cinema Advanced offers a wonderful alternative to rote script memorization in their post, Don't Memorize Your Lines.

* If you need to do some real-world estimates for varying types of problems, mental math shortcuts provides just what it promises.

* If you enjoyed the Prisoner's Dilemma post, you might also enjoy the Toilet Seat Dilemma, where similar game theory is applied to the age-old question of leaving the toilet seat up.

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