Even More Fun With Pi

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PiIt's time to visit some more sites in the spirit of my Fun With Pi and More Fun With Pi posts.

I'll start off with the digits of Pi being sung. The music and vocals are right out of Hard N Phirm's "Pi" Video, and are much more accurate than Kate Bush's version.

If you would like to try your own hand at making some music based on Pi, check out pi10k, where you can select music notes to represent the digits 0 through 9, and then hear the first 10,000 digits played as those musical notes!

Moving from music to haiku, we have this interesting pi haiku from autoDogmatic:

Can I know a cycle,
according to nature round,
and never complete?

Not only is it an excellent summation of the central question of Pi, but it's also a Pi mnemonic! If you count the number of letters in each word, you have the first 12 digits of Pi!

Of course, pi doesn't have to be treated only as an art form. After all, this entry itself is titled, Even More Fun With Pi. Over at Mighty Wombat, they've shown what happens when Pi and i get together. While at xkcd, they seem to have found a secret message hidden in Pi.

That last cartoon reminds me of an old Pi joke. A computer programmer working on Pi runs up to his supervisor excitedly and yells, "Sir! We've made a major Pi breakthrough! I have good news and bad news to report!" The supervisor asks, "What's the good news?" The programmer replies, "We have definitive proof that there is a message hidden inside Pi, inside the very fabric of the universe!" The supervisor then asks, "What's the bad news?" The programmer responds, "It's in Hebrew, and we have to start reading it from the right."

For Mac OS X 10.4 users, you can download the piclock widget, for use on Dashboard. This widget will show the time and even the date as digit strings from Pi, Theta, Euler's number or the square root of 2.

For now, I'll leave you to explore Mathematician's Pictures, a store devoted to the world of math and mathematicians, including their Pi Department and their Pi Of The Month Club.

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Hey thanks for the link and glad you liked my haiku! Nice job picking up on the mnemonic - most totally missed it.