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LinksMore and more, I've been running across updates to stories I've previously posted here on Grey Matters, so here's the latest:

* Back in December, I posted Verizon: Dollars and Sense, about their difficulty telling the difference between .002 dollars and .002 cents. While Verizon claims to have straightened this matter out and trained their staff, as of last month, Verizon is still having trouble with this same issue! The original complaint was eventually refunded, but the trouble continues for other customers.

* Richard Wiseman, who can be found performing a magic square on Grey Matters Videos, has a new YouTube video, concerning an amazing color change. See if you can catch it before the secret is revealed:

* In March's Mathematical Humor post, I limited myself to humor from the Mathworld site. However, I should add Numericana's great mathematical humor section. If you haven't checked out Numericana after I mentioned it in my Monty Hall Dilemma and Mind-Boggling Amount of Mind-Boggling posts, now is a great time to check it out!

* Finally, as a fun update to all my Pi posts, check out Mazda's new car model (image opens in new window)!

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