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BrainThere have been a few changes being made to the Grey Matters site, so I thought I would keep you posted.

First, the video index is no longer in the rightmost column. Don't worry, it still exists! Under the Video section, you will now see a new link that says Full Video Index. Having the link in one place has already proven to make Grey Matters Videos far more manageable. As before, the Full Video List will constantly be updated as I come across new videos.

Also, there are now more challenges in the Mental Gym! Besides the classic challenges that are taught on this site, these new challenges each include links to off-site solutions. For example, the new 15 Puzzle section (Java required) links to these instructions, as well as my magic square variation.

Besides the 15 puzzle, I've also added Simon (Flash 8 or better required) and Triangular Peg Solitaire (Flash 8 or better required). As time goes on, more challenges will be added.

Finally, over in the Presentation section, I've added the Made To Stick Blog. This blog is run by Chip and Dan Heath, the author of the book of the same name. The basic idea behind the book and the blog is to show what qualities an idea must possess to become easily memorized and passed on. The authors use Malcom Gladwell's concept of "stickiness" to describe the effectiveness of a given idea.

Enjoy, look around, and explore these new sections!

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