The BBC on Memory

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BBC's How To Improve Your MemoryLast year, the BBC ran a program titled How To Improve Your Memory. The series itself hasn't been posted online, but you can see clips online, featuring Dominic O'Brien (learn more about him here) and Aubrey Parsons.

Thanks to this interest in memory, the BBC site features an entire memory section. It's not just a section featuring information about their TV and radio programs on memory. Instead it's a rather thorough explanation of the topic.

With the help of people like Andi Bell, they've even posted some memory tests you can try. Try the Multi-Item Memory List. If you need help, try learning Andi Bell's method for memorizing long lists. If you have Flash installed, you can also try out Explore Your Memory, and get a closer look at your short term memory.

Take some time and check out the articles, tests and links on this site. If you want to learn or improve your memory, it will be time well spent.

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