10 Online Memory Tools...For Free!

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brainMy recent entry on Quizlet led me to explore what other free online tools are out there to aid your memory.

We'll start off with an amazing array of flashcard sites:
1. Quizlet - See the above link.
2. jMemorize - This flashcard program comes in a close second to Quizlet. It's written in Java, so it will run on most systems and browsers. In addition, it quizzes you more frequently on items with which you have more trouble.
3. Pauker - Very similar to jMemorize, with the added bonus that you can run this program on your PDA!
4. Memorize In A Flash - This site allows the most graphically impressive flashcards in the group. If you have a clip art library, it could be put to great use here.
5. Memorizable.org - Unlike these other sites, you create your flashcards using Wiki. If you've ever edited Wikipedia, you'll feel right at home here.
6. StudyStack - This flashcard site has an impressive array of quizzes. Beyond just the basics, you can also do matching quizzes, word searches, hangman and more with your cards!
7. Quiz Press - While the full version isn't free, you can download a free demo version for your system. It runs on your computer, but will allow you to make multimedia quizzes that you can upload to your website or blog!

The flashcard programs cover the "Train and Strain Your Brain" part, so I'll move on to the "to Entertain" part:
8. World Memory Challenge - Once you've trained your memory, test it under fire here, and see how you rank against everyone else who has played! You can also compare your statistics to others of your gender and age group.
9. Conveyor Belt Memory Test - This javascript test will scroll several items by. Once they've all run through, you must recall as many of the objects in their correct order as possible.
10. Flickr Memorize Game - Enter your favorite username from Flickr, and then play the classic memory game with their photos!

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