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SnippetsHere's some quick and fun items I thought I'd share from my journeys around the web:

* You've probably played or seen chess programs, but Thinking Machine 4 is a different animal. Yes, you can play chess with it, but it's structured to allow you to see the thinking process as it's taking place, as shown in the gallery. If you enjoy the show Numb3rs, like I do, it's akin to watching “Charlievision”, which are the segments where the audience gets to see Charlie Eppes' (David Krumholtz) inspirations for his mathematical solutions.

* Speaking of TV, if you enjoy the show Mythbusters, you can now check out the Mythbusters Results website! As you might guess by the name, you can check out the outcome of any of their experiments. Between this site, Snopes and The Straight Dope, you should be able to find out the truth about almost any well-known myth.

* David Brown, in an online article called Calendar savants & date calculating, teaches an interesting approach to the classic day for any date feat that is far simpler than any approach I've previously seen. The explanation is thorough and easily understood.

* Cool Science Facts is a blog that truly lives up to its name. The greatest thing about this blog is how it helps make you smarter bit by bit, as you read the entries. My favorite, of course, is the Pi entry.

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