A New Look For A New Year

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Happy New Year!Happy New Year! The changes I hinted at in an earlier post are now ready! With the new year and the new Blogger both ready, it seemed time for a change and plenty of new features.

What are the new features, you ask? Features that make Grey Matters easier to use than ever! I'll work from the top of the blog downward.

First up is the peek-a-boo Blogger navigation bar. It's out of the way until you mouseover the very top of the page, at which point it functions the same as it always has.

Just below that is the Grey Matters navigation bar, which will take you to all the sections of Grey Matters with just one click. I've made this more detailed than the previous bar.

In the blog entries themselves, you can now click the title to bring up the individual post and its comments. This can also be done with the time stamp at the end of the article.

One of the cooler newer features, the labels, has been updated and improved. When you click any label at the end of a post, it will bring up all the title of all other posts that share that same label. Clicking on the symbol next to any title [+/-] on that list will show the entry itself, and clicking on the title in that list will show the full entry, including the comments.

Also, at the bottom of the blog section, and even searches and individual entries, you'll find links to older and newer posts (as well as the main page), allowing to browse through the blog chronologically.

Over in the rightmost column, there are two new features that will also greatly ease your navigation of the site. The first is the Label Cloud. This is a list of all the labels I use, with the larger labels representing the more frequently-used labels. The other new feature in that column is the Blog Archive section, which is organized by year and month, so you can quickly and easily bring up posts from any time.

Between the subject and chronological organization that these new features allow, as well as the older/newer post browsing and the Search and Site Feed sections, you should now find that surfing this site is simpler than ever!

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