More Fun With Pi

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PiThe graphic that opened the previous entry is great for computers, but what if you want to approximate Pi in the real world?

Just throw frozen hot dogs! Sure, it may seem silly, but this random act approximates Pi quite well. If you're not up to throwing actual hot dogs, two Java simulations, one here and one here, will help save your dinner. If you're curious as to how needles and hot dogs seem to inherently known what Pi is, Cut The Knot offers a great explanation of what is known as Buffon's Needle Problem.

Instead of visualizing Pi, it can also be audiolized. One of the simplest ways is to assign a note to each digit as in this Pi MP3 or this Pi WAV. Approached this way, you can find some interesting musical sequences in Pi. Of course, you can also use Pi as the subject for a song, which has been done in genres ranging from classic rock to rap.

There are as many ways to have fun with Pi are there are digits in it. I can't list them all, of course, but sites like Teach Pi and Pi Nation provide great starting points for further Pi fun.

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