Mental Gym and Presentation Updates

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brainFirst, thank you to everyone who commented and e-mailed me concerning the recent slideshow upgrade. Originally, I thought the slideshow would be a better teaching format. After listening to several e-mails, and realizing that different people learn in different ways, I've improved the Grey Matters Mental Gym.

If you look over at the Mental “Feat”-ures page you'll note that both the Serial Number Feat and the Root Extractions section now feature text and slideshow options. Also, as you go through the pages, you can still switch between text and slideshow at any given time. Take a look at the Cube Root slideshow, for example. If you would rather read the original text, simply click on the text version link above it, and you'll instantly get the Cube Root text page, instead.

Turning to the Presentation section, I've added some external links for great presentation resources. There's Richard Tenace's Stage Stuff column from Online Visions. Another great set of links is to Dramatica.com and the Daily Dramatica Blog. If you're not already familiar with it, see my Dramatica review.

The one other site I included, the Creating Passionate Users Blog may seem like a strange choice, as its focus is on improving web design for your users. However, this site frequently talks about the principles of making your web users happy, and these are often applicable to audiences watching a performance. Check out the ...but is it memorable? post, and ask yourself where your performance falls on that graph.

As time goes on, I will of course be adding more and more to each of these sections. For now, though, there's plenty to explore in these new additions!

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