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Published on Thursday, December 07, 2006 in ,

Grey MattersI'm in the process of adding some new features to Grey Matters.

Over at the Mental Gym, I've changed the instructions for the Serial Number Feat over to a slideshow format, with help from KeyNote and SlideShare. Do you find that this way better, or do you prefer the older text-based instruction? Should both be an option? I'd greatly appreciate your feedback on this change.

The other change is easier to find. It's right below this post, as a matter of fact. For some time now, every post has been easily bookmarked to Del.icio.us with one click. Now, I've added one-click icons for Digg, Furl, Reddit, Technorati, Yahoo, Ma.gnolia, StumbleUpon and Google, too! To bookmark to any post here on Grey Matters, as well as Grey Matters Videos, simply create a free account at your chosen service or services, and log on. Then, the next time you find a post you enjoy here, simply click the corresponding icon to bookmark the post!

I hope you enjoy these new features, and find them useful.

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1 Response to New Grey Matters Features

8:19 PM

Hi Scott,

I think you should have both as an option. Just my opinion.

Dale A. Hildebrandt