New Pi Mnemonics!

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PiI enjoy hearing from those who are using my Train Your Brain and Entertain software (TYBE).

One TYBE user, Wallace Gluck, has been working on the 400 Digits of Pi section. He has come up with some improved mnemonics for some of the numbers, which he has graciously allowed me to include below. As with the original instructions, the capitalized letters are the phonetic equivalents of the numbers:

A7: ACHe - MoVe, MoaN
A9: APe - KNiFe Fur

C3: CoMa - NaiL MaRy
C7: CooK - haVe hiS FiSH

D1: DoT - SoaP MoVie
D2: DeN - ouR RoaCHeS
D5: DeaL - MaD CoN
D7: DoG - hoRSe FeD

E3: EMpty - By My FueL
E4: ER - NeeD DoSe
E5: EEL - yeLLow LiP

F5: FoiL - RaRe SHeeT
F6: FiSH - New FRoG

G4: GoRe - CHeeRFuL
G6: GuSHy - MaRRiaGeS
G9: GaP - RoMaN SHoe

H8: HooF - JuDGeS SHoe

J5: JaiL - JuDGe aLieN

If you wish, you can add these directly to the help section of TYBE. Open your “TYBE” folder, then open the “Help” folder, followed by the “100-Memory Techniques” folder. In there, you will find a file called “108-400 Digits of Pi.html”. Simply open this file in your favorite text editor, and copy and paste the various mnemonics into their corresponding places, and make sure you save the file with the same name in the same location!

Once you do that, the new mnemonics will show in the help section of the program each time you bring up the Pi Mnemonic technique help.

Thanks again, Wallace!

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