Martin Garnder Interview

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Martin GardnerMartin Gardner has done more than any other single person to bring mathematics to the masses. Through numerous books, as well as his Scientific American columns, he brought an amazing volume of mathematical knowledge to light.

On the 50th anniversary of the publication of Mathematics, Magic and Mystery, Colm Mulcahy has taken the opportunity to interview Martin Gardner.

Besides behind-the-scenes information about his better known works, Martin Gardner (calling him just Martin or Mr. Gardner seems wrong) shares some wonderful anecdotes about the other magicians whose work he presented over the years. Especially interesting is the announcement of his upcoming works.

As an added bonus, Colm reprints “A Pyramid Scheme That Works”, Martin Garder's method for simply and easily arranging the Ace through 9 and King in front of an audience, so that you can spell to each of the cards, ducking one card for each letter.

This interview with the father of recreational mathematics is well worth the read!

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