Day For Any Date Calendar Updated

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2007 Day For Any Date CalendarBack in March of this year, I introduced the 2006 Day For Any Date Calendar, which is specially designed to allow you to recall the day of the week for any date given in 2006, while making this feat much easier to do than the pure-memory version.

Since it's time to start thinking about 2007, however, I'm now introducing the 2007 Day For Any Date Calendar! The instruction booklet and the design have both been updated to work for next year. The binding has also changed. While the 2006 calendar was saddle-stitched, the 2007 is wire-bound, which actually improves the working of the routine.

There are 3 different presentations taught in the instructions. The first two deal with varied conditions you'll encounter when the spectator is looking at the month, and the third is a challenge presentation, in which the spectator is armed with the calendar itself, and you're armed only with your mind, and you race to see who can get the day of the week for a date given by a third person.

If you've ever wanted to perform this classic feat, but didn't want to put in all the mental work required in the classic version, check out the new 2007 Day For Any Date Calendar!

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